Model Pengawasan Pembiayaan di BMT Mujahidin Pontianak

Nurma Sari


This research uses descriptive analysis method which aims to 1) know and
describe the system of distribution of the finance products at the BMT
Mujahidin in the fiscal year 2009­2011; 2) know and explain the financing
implementation at the BMT Mujahidin Pontianak in the fiscal year 2009­2011.
Results of the study were: KSU BMT Mujahidin was the same as other Shariah
financial institutions, namely the financing run through a series of procedures
systematically arranged in part involving the marketing, financing, and
managers has been quite effective. The manager accepted the proposals
analyzed them and if approved will sign it. Supervision of the financing was done in three categories, first by doing active field supervision; Second by doing administrative supervision starting from the time of the filing process by way of checking the completeness of requirements until the reimbursement; third by helping the customer to identify the problems that will arise as early as possible in case of trouble and the BMT Mujahidin will participate in finding a solution for the customer.


BMT, Financing, Supervision

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