Posisi Ushul Fikih dalam Metodologi Ekonomi Islam

Wawan Gunawan Abdul Wahid


Islamic Economics is an entity of thought and practice that currently writhing
in Muslim communities. Each entity has certain ideas of its own methodology.
So it is with Islamic economics. Since the product of intentional since the
beginning of Islamic economics is different from the conventional economy
was certainly one of the distinguishing framework called ushul fiqh. This
paper presents the position of ushul fiqh methodology of Islamic economics.
To confirm the significance of the position shown several such products
where the Islamic economic jurisprudence fiqh perspective when used as a
whole shows a different product than the product of conventional economics.


Ushul Fikih, Islamic economics

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18326/muqtasid.v5i1.1-21


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