Perbedaan Pola Channeling dan Executing pada Pembiayaan Linkage Program di Bank Syariah Mandiri Cabang Salatiga

Febri Antika Sonya Harum Dapta


The purpose of the research was to determine the procedures and schemes
of executing and channeling system of Linkage Program in Syariah Mandiri
Bank Branch Salatiga, and to know the difference between the two systems.
The method I used is descriptive qualitative method. The results of this
study concluded that procedures and schemes of executing and channeling
system different, the difference lies in the role of Linkage in the process of
filing financing. While other differences largely lies in who their customers,
the role of the Linkage institution, information about the end user, the view
procedures in terms of end-user, provisions Debt to Equity Ratio (DER) of
each system, financing decisions of end user, end user guarantees storage,
document storage end user financing, and the type of contract used. Of
these differences, when viewed from the perspective of end users, a much
more easier and simpler to implement is executing system, the system is
therefore more desirable


Linkage Program, executing system, channeling system

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