Pengembangan Usaha melalui Modal Ventura: Solusi Alternatif dalam Perspektif Islam

Rasimin Rasimin


Capital venture was a financing that involved high risk to establish a new
business for extension or refinancing without obligatory collateral. Capital
venture was a kind of additional capital from investors managed by a state
enterprise or a private enterprise. The capital was distributed to small business
or middle business which is looking for capital to increase the effort. The
distribution of capital was based on sincerity and mutual assistance. So,
investors and the institution of venture did not receive the profit from their
business partners. In classical Islamic contract law (fiqh muamalah), the
term of capital venture has not been discussed yet, because it was a
contemporary economic problem appeared by economist. Thus, it was
necessary to conduct a study to know the view of Islamic law about the
capital venture, particularly about the practice of capital venture and the
system of profit sharing. From this research, it was hoped that capital venture
could be a means of developing for the Moslem’s economics


Capital venture, business partners, risk

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